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Environmental awareness is one of the highest valued virtues of the modern market, which is why, at myKotty, we’ve been working on introducing eco-friendly solutions from the very beginning. When choosing myKotty products, you can stay assured that you’re investing in cat scratchers, cat beds and other cat accessories made with full awareness of their impact on the environment. Check it out yourself!

The myKotty scratchers are made with natural corrugated cardboard - a material that is eco-friendly and loved by cats. Paper is the most recyclable material in the world and it decomposes fully, unlike plastics - at myKotty, we’re choosing to be 100% natural.  Our environmentally conscious choice of materials lets you, fabCats, care for the environment as well. 

Why did corrugated cardboard take over the myKotty products? Because it’s light, durable and multifunctional, we are able to use it not just for our scratchers, but also for the MIA cat house which is 100% recyclable, just like our cardboard packaging or the extra layer of protective cardboard that secures the scratchers and the cat house during shipping. The cardboard that we use for packaging is compliant with the PN-EN 13427:2007 standard regarding the contents of heavy metals and harmful substances. Cats give those choices a green light!

The emphasis on natural materials didn’t miss the cat beds and myKotty accessories, of course. To make the EMI, OTI and PADI cat beds, as well as our TOTE BAGS and KUNG-FU cat toys, we use 100% cotton - a completely natural fabric that guarantees extreme softness and durability of the cat accessories. Even after multiple washing cycles and intensive use of the cat beds, toys or tote bags, the accessories stay in great shape for a long time.

We say a hard NO to wasting material. Right from the start and the first designs of the LUI scratcher, we saw the potential in the block of cardboard that was left over from cutting out the sleek silhouette and turned into our heavy duty scratcher - VIGO. The same strategy went into making the TOBI scratcher. The entire production process for the scratchers was designed to save the most of the corrugated cardboard we use and limit the amount of waste left over. Beside that, the double-sided nature of LUI and VIGO gives them a second life when you turn them upside down.

Cats love cardboard and we know that they don’t like giving up the cardboard boxes that the myKotty scratchers, MIA cat houses or cat beds come in for recycling. However, if you do decide to get rid of them, all the packaging from the scratchers, cardboard cat houses and cat beds are 100% recyclable as they are made with natural, corrugated cardboard - once you fold them up, you can easily put it into the paper recycling bin. You can also recycle the MIA cathouse itself, as it’s made only with high quality cardboard. The corrugated cardboard that we use to secure the scratchers and cat house for shipping, as well as the paper sticky tape that is used to secure the boxes can both go to the recycling bin as well. What’s more, doing our due diligence on the regulations concerning recyclable packaging, myKotty pays the recycling fee for all the packaging that our products come in to you and your cat.

Our journey to full environmental awareness is always ongoing. Year after year, we minimize the amount of plastics used in our packaging - so far we’ve managed to change the plastic wrapping used to secure our scratchers and the MIA cat house and exchange it for completely natural, recyclable corrugated cardboard wraps, among others. We also changed the tape used to close up the boxes, going with paper tape instead. And we’re not done with the changes yet!

All myKotty products - the cat beds, scratchers, socks, toys and the MIA cat house with the cardboard mat are made in Poland, using mostly materials acquired in Poland. Thanks to concentrating on our local sources, we’re not only supporting the local market, but also reducing our negative impact on the environment which comes with transporting materials from asian countries. Moreover, our team has been working almost entirely from their homes since the very beginning - we’re not only not generating excess waste in our offices, but also not harming the environment by traveling back and forth to our workplace. You can do a lot working online!

When cat safety is at stake, we’re not compromising. We make our scratchers using only a certified glue that’s safe to be in contact with food (designed for packaging used for food). The glue is safe for animals and people, which is why playing on the scratchers, rubbing on the surface or cleaning the paws right after scratching is completely safe for your cat.

And what about cat beds? Besides safe, completely natural 100% cotton, we only use paints that are certified to be safe for children. The prints on our cat beds, tote bags and the Kung-Fu cat toy are safe for cats and people while holding up well through washing and continued use.

IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
To już kolejny raz, kiedy myKotty spisało się na medal! Cudowne drapaki, koty przeszczesliwe. Szybka wysyłka do Holandii i super kontakt ze sprzedającym. POLECAM!!!
Bardzo dobra jakosc drapaka, wytrzymuje kilka lat.