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When the choice between a nap on the EMIOTI or PADI cat bed and a workout on the VIGOLUI or TOBI scratcher gets too hard, go for the one valid CATpromise with your feline. MyKotty scratcher and cat bed sets are a fantastic option for cats who want more from life and won’t stop until they try out every scratcher and cat bed with their own paws. 

Are you planning a bigger purchase for your cat or preparing a starter pack to welcome a new kitten? Sets are a handy solution that allows you to put your chosen mix of scratchers or cat beds into the shopping cart and - what’s important - lets you save money! Mix and match different colors, choose the cat accessories that fit your interiors and make your cat happy, regardless of the occasion.

The GIGA new pieces in myKotty's offer are now available in SETS! Does your cat boast an impressive size? Do their paws always dangle off the scratcher during naps? Choose the LUI XL + VIGO XL SET and give your cat royal conditions for scratching, lounging, and playing. LUI XL + VIGO XL is a multifunctional and indispensable duo for large cats with big demands. This is the perfect choice for those furry friends who like to live large. For felines who expect a scratcher to be more than just a chaise lounge, but a full-sized sofa. Ideal for solo cats and duos - the upsized surfaces of LUI XL and VIGO XL can comfortably accommodate two adult cats. And two scratching posts are better than one!

Decision made? Click BUY NOW, choose your color combination, and gift your cats a scratcher duo tailored for large kitties with big demands.

Need to get to know the LUI XL and VIGO XL scratchers better? Click LUI XL or VIGO XL and see what attractions await your cat.



VIGO + LUI are the perfect duet which always finds its way to a fabCat shopping cart. Your top of the top order that’s a hit anywhere it goes. Are you living with one cat, but want to protect the furniture in all your rooms from a claw demise? Two scratchers are a bare minimum! Or maybe you’re sharing your life with more cats who fight for their right to lounge on the scratcher every day? Buying two, such different but equally as multifunctional pieces of furniture, you’re giving your cats more opportunities to scratch anywhere they need to do so.

Decision made? Click BUY NOW > and choose your color combo and give your cats a trusted scratching duet! Need to know scratchers better? Click LUI or VIGO  to find all the details.

On the ground and under the ceiling - some cats love having access to every vertical and horizontal space at home. With a set of LUI and TOBI scratchers, you can give your purring fan of climbing a great surface to scratch anywhere they go. Let the LUI become their ground-level companion during the morning stretch and afternoon naps, while TOBI becomes the buddy that will happily follow them to the window sill, a chest of drawers, the desk and the top of your wardrobe. Because when cats ask if they can scratch anywhere and everywhere, at myKotty we say: WHY NOT!

Decision made? Click BUY NOW > and choose your color combo and give your cats a scratching duet that works at every height. Need to know scratchers better? Click LUI or TOBI  to find all the details.  

The unbeaten trio to save all furniture in fabCat homes. Perfect for one, two or a whole gang of cats and irreplaceable for all cats practising meowFit. Buying the set of VIGOLUI and TOBI you’re not only saving on your shopping at myKotty - with that amount of scratchers at home, you’re giving your cats an unlimited fun and a good amount of space to scratch, lounge on and play, solo or with a cat buddy. Bonus: the more scratchers you have at home, the longer each of them stays in shape!

Decision made? Click BUY NOW > and choose your color combo and give your cats a scratching tercet that works for every situation. Need to know 

scratchers better? Click LUIVIGO or TOBI to find all the details.

When a need for nap can’t be stopped, EMI and OTI cat beds will save your spot on the couch, the chair and your bed from being permanently occupied by a sleeping cat. OTI is a favorite for cats who love sleeping curled up, in the classic pose of a fluffy donut. But after a long practice of sleepy yoga you need to stretch out and the EMI pillow will give you all the space you need, for more than one fur! EMI and OTI are a duet that complements each other purrfectly and guarantees that no fabCat has to fight their cat for the best spot on the couch.

Click BUY NOW > to put the napping duet of EMI and OTI cat beds into your cart and if you want to know our cat beds even closer, click EMI or OTI to get all the details. 

The EMI and PADI pillow set is a purrfect recipe for lazy cats. If your cat is sleeping through most of the day, taking over your chairs, sofas and bed, comfy pillows are their MUST HAVE! Unfold the EMI or PADI in your cat's favorite spots and see how quickly you can get back your seat in the home office. The EMI and PADI cat beds are also a fantastic way of collecting loose fur in one place. No more fluff on your sofa and a ton of fur on your freshly washed sheets! 

Click BUY NOW > if your cat is taking over your favorite chair or scooting over to your side of the bed right now. Want to know them better? Click PADI or EMI  to find all their secrets.

Round, like a donut covered with butter, or flat, like a perfectly fried pancake - how does your cat like to sleep? With the OTI and PADI duet, they can have it all - when the OTI gives your cat a comfy space to curl up, PADI gives them all the space to stretch out and work out anywhere you put the pillow. Thanks to its compact size, PADI will take the weight of the fluff off of your couch, counter and chair, while OTI - with the pillows hanging 30 cm above the ground, like a cat hammock - will allow your cat to dream all day with their head in the clouds.  If you nap, do it on the highest level of comfort!

Click BUY NOW > and give your cat the comfiest places to nap so they can leave your couch and chair for you. Want to know the cat beds better? Click PADI or OTI to find out all their secrets.

A feast for the laziest of cats. The EMI, OTI and PADI cat bed set gives you the highest level of comfort during naps at any time of the day, in any position and on every surface. Take the pillow to the couch? The window sill? Put it alongside the balcony door? Or maybe sleep hanging, 30 cm above the ground, with your head in the clouds? When your cat has their own beds within paws’ reach, you can regain your authority over your office chair and remove the ton of fur laying on the couch, left there by your cat after every nap. Or maybe you have more cats at home? Our set will make sure nobody screams for the best sleeping spot and your couches, beds and chairs can avoid changing their color to your cat’s fur color.

Click BUY NOW > and elevate your cat to the highest levels of comfort. Click EMI, OTI or PADI to find out all the secrets of - the iconic cat beds loved by all cats.

Our products didn’t meet your expectations? Don’t worry, fabCat - it’s not the end of the world. At myKotty, you have a guaranteed right to return the product within 100 days and, what’s important - with no unnecessary questions and complications. All the formalities are on our side, we’ll order a courier to pick it up and pay for the service. 

Take a look into our simple returns terms and conditions to know more or contact us via e-mail, phone or through our social media - we will help you, give advice and if necessary, return your pair or exchange it for a new one right away. 

Just like that, the CAT way!

IdoSell Trusted Reviews
5.00 / 5.00 9 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
To już kolejny raz, kiedy myKotty spisało się na medal! Cudowne drapaki, koty przeszczesliwe. Szybka wysyłka do Holandii i super kontakt ze sprzedającym. POLECAM!!!
Bardzo dobra jakosc drapaka, wytrzymuje kilka lat.