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KungFu Cat Toy is a kicker-type toy which will let your cat release the inner hunter like Bruce Lee releases his energy in those famous push-ups on only two fingers. We know that there’s a secret, untamed energy deep down inside every cat and that they can activate it in the presence of their favorite toy. With KungFu, you’ll get to know your cat from a different side.

The KungFu Cat Toy was made with the most curious cats in mind, ones who can’t sit still in one place and always feel the need to discover new things. For the furs who love kicking, scratching, biting and chasing and once they get their prey, they don’t let it go. It’s a real treasure for the domestic tigers who always hide their martial arts skills - even from you:)

The KungFu Cat Toy is not just a kicker. The unique mix of leather straps and natural herbs activate the cat to play - we’ve put the best stuff in town into the KungFu, just so your cat can stay energized and ready to play for longer. The original shape of the cat bending over along with the perfect size of the toy allow the cat to play not just with their front, but also the back legs. At the myKotty gym, we’re having a leg and chest day at the same time.

To make the filling for the KungFu Cat Toy, we only used natural, non-addictive herbs: catnip and valerian. Though cats react to it by getting energized and ready to play, putting the aromeowtic herbs aside won’t have any negative impact on the cat. What’s more, temporary breaks from the toy can make every comeback to KungFu that much more enjoyable. In the cat world, good fun never ends and as we all know - MOVING AROUND IS HEALTHY!

KungFu is a truly multifunctional toy. In a solo playtime, it can serve as a classic kicker, a light toy to be thrown around, bit and carried, and after the fun is over, it can be a pillow which helps your cat go to sleep. 

Playing with the Carer? KungFu works just as well - grab the “body” of the toy and swing the leather straps around, leading them over a scratcher or hiding them under a blanket. Chasing the toy and hunting a moving object wakes up the inner hunter within the cat and should always be one of the key parts of everyday activities.

Remember to always reward your cat with a tasty snack or a meal after a play session, closing the hunting cycle. It’s a recipe for fabCat happiness!

While designing cat products, we take into account many aspects. Will cats like the new toy? Will they happily use it in solo play and with their Carer? Will the catnip and valerian mix give them a healthy amount of endorphins? All those aspects are incredibly important, but there’s one imperative thing that we put the highest importance on here, at myKotty. After all, we can’t give a product to a cat without being sure it’s 100% SAFE! 

100% safe for catsThe KungFu Cat Toy is made with a soft, durable fabric - 100% natural cotton which makes the KungFu safe for cats and fully ready for crazy playtime. The stitching around the toy was planned with rough play in mind - the KungFu comes out unscathed after being bit and kicked, scratched and pulled by the leather straps. Under the seemingly simple cat silhouette from the myKotty logo lies the power of a true martial arts warrior. 

To ensure a proper weight and form of the toy for every fan of kicker toys, we filled the entire thing with a synthetic filling - light, durable and able to keep the shape of the toy. The inside is enriched with dried herbs - catnip and valerian, which combined together makes all cats go wild. It’s the best stuff in town.

When cat safety is at stake, we don’t compromise. To make the KungFu Cat Toy, we use only safe materials - 100% cotton, leather straps and, for the prints, paints that are certified for use in children’s products which makes them safe for cats and people as well. 

Caring for the safety of cats translates directly into caring for safety of the environment. For the KungFu Cat Toy production we only use 100% cotton and a durable, synthetic fiber - materials which ensure the best longevity of the toy.

KungFu is made in accordance with the LESS WASTE philosophy - in the production process we use every spare piece of material to minimize the amounts of wasted fabrics, while also producing everything locally in Poland, with materials we can get hold of right here. Not having to import the toys or fabrics from far countries lets myKotty minimize the carbon footprint of our products. 

KungFu Cat Toy didn’t meet your expectations? Don’t worry, fabCat - it’s not the end of the world. At myKotty, you have a guaranteed right to return the product within 100 days and, what’s important - with no unnecessary questions and complications. All the formalities are on our side, we’ll order a courier to pick it up and pay for the service. 

Take a look into our simple returns terms and conditions to know more or contact us via e-mail, phone or through our social media - we will help you, give advice and if necessary, return your cat toy or exchange it for a new one right away. 

Just like that, the CAT way!

IdoSell Trusted Reviews
5.00 / 5.00 9 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
To już kolejny raz, kiedy myKotty spisało się na medal! Cudowne drapaki, koty przeszczesliwe. Szybka wysyłka do Holandii i super kontakt ze sprzedającym. POLECAM!!!
Bardzo dobra jakosc drapaka, wytrzymuje kilka lat.