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LUI scratcher is the perfect solution to one of the most crucial natural needs of a cat: scratching. Its large, stable, and safe design allows cats to comfortably brace themselves with their hind legs while scratching, which contributes to the health and condition of their claws.

With its spacious and ergonomic interior, LUI is an ideal place for exercise, play, and lounging. By fulfilling these essential elements of a cat's daily routine, LUI ensures that your furry friend enjoys better well-being and full happiness.

Scratching is a natural part of a cat's daily life, allowing them to mark their territory, sharpen their claws, stretch, and play. Following their instincts, they often choose sofas, couches, or chairs as their preferred scratching spots. Cats love myKotty's corrugated cardboard and intuitively use it - LUI is the best reason for your cat to leave your furniture in peace.


For the production of myKotty scratchers, we have chosen corrugated cardboard with the best technical parameters, ensuring the highest quality and durability of the scratchers. And cats appreciate that! The densely layered, high-quality corrugated cardboard, soft as suede surface, ample scratching space, an additional hiding place inside the scratcher, and the option to flip LUI upside down all ensure that the scratcher will remain with your cat for a long time.

Double the lifespan of the LUI scratcher by taking advantage of its reversible design. We've designed LUI's silhouette to remain stable, ergonomic, and ideal for scratching, resting, and playing even when turned upside down.


We all know how sharp the edge of a sheet of paper can be. That's why, when designing LUI, we made it our top priority to ensure the safety of cat's paws. We introduced a unique cutting technology that resulted in an incredibly smooth surface that feels like suede to the touch. We combined what may seem like two contradictory functionalities: 35,520 perfect holes for sharpening claws with an ideally safe suede-like surface for sleeping and playing.

When it comes to the safety of cats, we don't compromise. We use only 100% natural corrugated cardboard and safe, food-grade certified glue in the production, making the LUI scratcher completely safe and non-toxic for cats and people.

To create LUI, we use only high-quality corrugated cardboard, but even then, it requires the right finish to eliminate the typical sharpness of cut cardboard. At myKotty, we employ our own unique method of finishing and smoothing the surfaces of our scratchers. Thanks to this method, the cardboard remains pleasant and soft to the touch, like suede.

The result? Cats love LUI from the first scratch. Its surface is smooth, free of sharp edges, and doesn't irritate delicate cat paws - it's the perfect solution for scratching, playing, and cat naps.

We are a 100% Polish company. We produce myKotty scratchers in Poland, using locally sourced materials, which gives us full control over their quality and safety for cats. By focusing on production in Poland, we support the local market. At the same time, we do not generate an unnecessary carbon footprint from transporting materials from distant places around the world. And you can be sure that your cat is getting a proven, tested, and safe product in their paws.

LUI is a scratcher made from natural corrugated cardboard, an eco-friendly material that cats have come to love. We do not use additional dyes or fragrances, which is why LUI is completely natural and safe for both cats and the environment.

LUI also cares for the environment with its packaging. Like all myKotty scratchers, LUI travels to its feline users in cardboard boxes made from natural corrugated cardboard, secured with an additional layer of corrugated cardboard, and we seal the boxes with paper tape. All of this aligns with our LESS WASTE philosophy. The packaging is 100% recyclable, although we assure you that cats may not be so willing to give up such a fine cardboard abode.

When designing your living space, you ensure that all the elements in your home complement each other, creating a cohesive whole. You try to make sure that every piece of furniture has a positive impact on the perception of the place where you spend most of your life. As cat owners who care about aesthetics, we believe that the objects surrounding us can affect our mood. That's why we've dedicated hundreds of hours to designing the most beautiful piece of cat furniture in the world - the LUI scratcher.

We love minimalism, which is why when designing LUI, we opted for four universal color variations: white, black, gray, and brown, to make them perfectly match any interior. We believe that simplicity is key.

Buying the LUI scratcher, you risk nothing!

At myKotty, we believe that LUI will change your cat's world, which is why we give you a 100-day trial! And if for any reason you feel that LUI didn't win your cat's heart, it's not a CATastrophe. At myKotty, you have the guaranteed right to return the product within 100 days of purchase, and what's important - without unnecessary questions and complications. We'll take care of all the formalities, arrange a courier, and cover the costs.

Take a look into our simple returns terms and conditions to know more or contact us via e-mail, phone, or through our social media - we will help you, give advice, and if necessary, return your scratcher or exchange it for a new one right away. 

Just like that, the CAT way!


Of course! Our entire scratcher production is based in Poland, using the highest quality of corrugated cardboard we buy directly from Polish manufacturers. 


Definitely! When the cat's safety is at stake, we don’t compromise. In creating our scratchers, we only choose the best quality corrugated cardboard from safe, confirmed, local sources. The cardboard is unbleached, free of harmful substances and the glue we use to keep it together is attested for food contact. Because of that, our scratchers are safe for cats when they scratch, rub against, or bite it.  Remember: no matter who you buy a scratcher for your cat from, always check the country of origin and the materials used to make it. Those details have a direct impact on the life and health of your cat. Be a fabCat - choose consciously. 


Yes. To make our products 100% safe for cat users, we use only certified glue bought from a Polish manufacturer, made for packaging safe for food contact. Because of that, you can be 100% sure that scratching, playing, or even biting the scratcher is safe for your cat’s health and life. 


Here at myKotty, we believe that a corrugated cardboard scratcher can last with your cat longer than just a few weeks. That’s why at every step of our manufacturing process we make sure that our scratchers are the most durable and can serve your cats as long as possible. We only choose the highest quality of cardboard and certified glue. We maximize the amount of cardboard that goes into every single scratcher to make the body solid and sturdy. We don’t save on materials. And the effect? MyKotty scratchers live with your cats anywhere from a few months to a few years! 


Safely and eco-friendly - that’s the mix 1000% myKotty style. All our scratchers are wrapped with a layer of protective cardboard (which you can use for your cats to play and scratch) and then tightly put into a cardboard box so that they don’t move during shipment. Our cardboard boxes are solid which prevents the scratcher from getting beaten up in transport and when it arrives at your home, the box can serve as a cat hideout - we know from experience that no cat can resist it. 


With lightning speed! After all, cats can’t be waiting too long for their new scratchers. We process all orders within 24 hours from the time the order is paid for and if our fabCat couriers get some good wind in their wings, the new scratcher will arrive at the paws of your cat in a few working days, depending on the country you’re ordering from. Test it out for yourself!  


We believe that myKotty scratchers can change your cat’s world which is why we give you up to 100 days to test them out! And if for any reason you decide it’s not your cat’s fairytale - it’s not the end of the world. At myKotty, you have a guaranteed right to return within 100 days from the day of purchase and, what’s important - without unnecessary questions and complications. All the formalities are on our part, we organize the courier and pay for them. 

IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
To już kolejny raz, kiedy myKotty spisało się na medal! Cudowne drapaki, koty przeszczesliwe. Szybka wysyłka do Holandii i super kontakt ze sprzedającym. POLECAM!!!
Bardzo dobra jakosc drapaka, wytrzymuje kilka lat.