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Our cats love being close to us and we love when they are with us. But sometimes they choose to sleep on the keyboard at the least appropriate time. And those are the situations TOBI was created for. 

It’s the most mobile myKotty piece - it will fit on a desk, a counter, a shelf or a window sill with no issues. TOBI is like a true friend who brings the cat and their hooman together. Whenever you need it, it’s always at a paws’ reach, ready to be scratched. 

It will fit on a desk, a counter, a shelf or a window sill with no issues. TOBI is like a true friend who brings the cat and their hooman together. Whenever you need it, it’s always at a paws’ reach, ready to be scratched. 

The TOBI scratcher was born a traveller and an explorer. It will happily follow the cat wherever the cat wants it to. A master of camouflage and discretion - thanks to its sleek shape and grace, TOBI fits in every space and, without hesitation, it will give your cat a space to scratch, play and sleep wherever they feel like it. 

On the desk, a window sill, a high shelf and by the fireplace - limited space is a challenge that TOBI takes on without hesitation. 

In the name of cat comfort!

Light, but durable - TOBI will easily handle up to 10 kg of weight on its shoulders and welcome your cat with a soft, smooth, suede-like surface for scratching, right where your cat needs it the most. 

Unique shape perfectly fits the cat silhouette, giving them the possibility to get comfy while scratching, playing and napping. Cats love it! 

Polished up to perfection TOBI brings cat and their Carer closer together, fitting perfectly into the home space and looking elegant even in spaces where simplicity and minimalism are key. We polished up all the details - from the modern silhouette to the smooth and pleasant surface that resembles suede to the touch. 

We love minimalism, which is why we opted for 4 universal colors: white, black, gray and brown - to make them go well with any interior. We find simplicity to be the most important thing.

While designing cat products, we take into account many aspects. Will cats like the scratcher? Will it be big enough and comfy enough for them? Will cat Carers like it and happily put it in their interiors? Will the entire thing be sturdy and long-lasting? All those aspects are incredibly important, but there’s one imperative thing that we put the highest importance on here, at myKotty. After all, we can’t give a product to a cat without being sure it’s 100% SAFE!

To make TOBI, we only use the highest quality corrugated cardboard, but even as it is, it requires proper finishing to eliminate the characteristic roughness of the cut edge. At myKotty, we’ve developed our own, unique method of finishing and smoothing the surface of the scratchers - it makes sure that the cardboard stays nice and soft to the touch, like suede.

Results? TOBI is loved by cats from the very first scratch. The surface is smooth, free of sharp edges and not irritating for cats’ paws - a perfect solution for scratching, playing and cat naps.

When cat safety is at stake, we’re not compromising. We make our scratchers using only a certified glue that’s safe to be in contact with food (designed for packaging used for food). The glue is safe for animals and people, which is why playing on the scratchers, rubbing on the surface or cleaning the paws right after scratching is completely safe for your cat.

TOBI is a scratcher made with natural, corrugated cardboard - an eco-friendly material loved by all cats. The smell works like an aphrodisiac for cats, so TOBI needs no extra artificial scents. To keep safety on the highest level for both the cat users and the environment, we’re only using a certified glue that’s safe to use in contact with food - even cats who nibble on their scratchers have nothing to worry about.

We’re no strangers to the LESS WASTE philosophy - we use up every piece of material while making our scratchers in order to minimize the amount of production waste created in the process. All myKotty scratchers are made in Poland, from locally sourced materials - we support our local market and don’t generate unnecessary carbon footprint to import materials from far away.

TOBI also cares for the environment with its packaging. Just like all the other myKotty scratchers, TOBI travels to its feline users in boxes made with natural, corrugated cardboard, secured with an extra layer of corrugated cardboard, and the boxes themselves are closed with a paper sticky tape - the packaging can be 100% recycled, but we can assure you, your cats won’t be happy to give up such a glorious cardboard spot.

TOBI didn’t meet your expectations? Don’t worry, fabCat - it’s not the end of the world. At myKotty, you have a guaranteed right to return the product within 100 days and, what’s important - with no unnecessary questions and complications. All the formalities are on our side, we’ll order a courier to pick it up and pay for the service. 

Take a look into our simple returns terms and conditions to know more or contact us via e-mail, phone or through our social media - we will help you, give advice and if necessary, return your scratcher or exchange it for a new one right away.

Just like that, the CAT way!


Of course! Our entire scratcher production is based in Poland, using the highest quality of corrugated cardboard we buy directly from Polish manufacturers. 


Definitely! When the cat's safety is at stake, we don’t compromise. In creating our scratchers, we only choose the best quality corrugated cardboard from safe, confirmed, local sources. The cardboard is unbleached, free of harmful substances and the glue we use to keep it together is attested for food contact. Because of that, our scratchers are safe for cats when they scratch, rub against, or bite it.  Remember: no matter who you buy a scratcher for your cat from, always check the country of origin and the materials used to make it. Those details have a direct impact on the life and health of your cat. Be a fabCat - choose consciously. 


Yes. To make our products 100% safe for cat users, we use only certified glue bought from a Polish manufacturer, made for packaging safe for food contact. Because of that, you can be 100% sure that scratching, playing, or even biting the scratcher is safe for your cat’s health and life. 


Here at myKotty, we believe that a corrugated cardboard scratcher can last with your cat longer than just a few weeks. That’s why at every step of our manufacturing process we make sure that our scratchers are the most durable and can serve your cats as long as possible. We only choose the highest quality of cardboard and certified glue. We maximize the amount of cardboard that goes into every single scratcher to make the body solid and sturdy. We don’t save on materials. And the effect? MyKotty scratchers live with your cats anywhere from a few months to a few years! 


Safely and eco-friendly - that’s the mix 1000% myKotty style. All our scratchers are wrapped with a layer of protective cardboard (which you can use for your cats to play and scratch) and then tightly put into a cardboard box so that they don’t move during shipment. Our cardboard boxes are solid which prevents the scratcher from getting beaten up in transport and when it arrives at your home, the box can serve as a cat hideout - we know from experience that no cat can resist it. 


With lightning speed! After all, cats can’t be waiting too long for their new scratchers. We process all orders within 24 hours from the time the order is paid for and if our fabCat couriers get some good wind in their wings, the new scratcher will arrive at the paws of your cat in a few working days, depending on the country you’re ordering from. Test it out for yourself!  


We believe that myKotty scratchers can change your cat’s world which is why we give you up to 100 days to test them out! And if for any reason you decide it’s not your cat’s fairytale - it’s not the end of the world. At myKotty, you have a guaranteed right to return within 100 days from the day of purchase and, what’s important - without unnecessary questions and complications. All the formalities are on our part, we organize the courier and pay for them. 

IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
To już kolejny raz, kiedy myKotty spisało się na medal! Cudowne drapaki, koty przeszczesliwe. Szybka wysyłka do Holandii i super kontakt ze sprzedającym. POLECAM!!!
Bardzo dobra jakosc drapaka, wytrzymuje kilka lat.