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Daydreaming is in cats’ nature. So why not give your cat a nap on a cat bed that resembles the clouds in the sky? With the EMI cat bed, every nap is a guarantee for the best dreams.  

EMI is the fluffiest, softest and comfiest cat bed we’ve ever made. With the cover made with 100% cotton and a light, comfy synthetic filling, EMI guarantees the highest quality of sleep in any position. 

When designing the EMI cat bed, we took into consideration the needs of every cat - from the youngest ones to the big, domestic tigers whose needs grow together with the size of their flexible bodies. EMI can be used in two ways: folded up like a fortune cookie or unfolded, like a giant, thick-dough pastry. 

The folded up version makes for a cozy and comforting hide where your cat can feel safe and heavenly during their nap. The unfolded EMI gives a whole new bag of acrobatic possibilities - it gives your cat a bed twice as big, which encourages them not just to sleep, but to practice their new cat yoga poses or to play with their cat buddies as well.

The option to use EMI two ways gives a bunch of possibilities to both you and your cat:  

The folded up EMI is a compact piece of furniture which fits almost anywhere you put it - in the corner of the room, by the bed, under the radiator or on the sofa, just where your cat likes to nap. 

EMI unfolded fits perfectly with the straight lines of your home - set it up along the wall, by the window, a chest of drawers or the bed, giving your cat maximum space to stretch out and lounge comfortably.

Combining comfort and coziness for a cat with minimalism and modern aesthetics for the cat Carer is a guaranteed success. And at myKotty, we love solutions that exceed your expectations. Designing the EMI pillow, we went with 6 classic colourways: the elegant black, the classic beige, the modern gray, the fancy white or a happy shade of pink and blue. Choose the option that suits your interiors best or let your imagination run wild and pick an artistic contrast, just so your cat’s bed always gets the attention it deserves.

Or maybe you don’t want to stick to one color forever? No problem. Check out our changeable EMI cat bed covers and get crazy with the color of your cat accessories whenever you feel like it.

While designing cat products, we take into account many aspects. Will cats like the cat bed? Will it be big enough and comfy enough for them? Will cat Carers like it and happily put it in their interiors? Will the materials we used be of the highest quality, making the cat bed last as long as possible? All those aspects are incredibly important, but there’s one imperative thing that we put the highest importance on here, at myKotty. After all, we can’t give a product to a cat without being sure it’s 100% SAFE!

How do we ensure that EMI is safe for cats? The big size of the cat bed guarantees that both kittens and big cats can lay down comfortably without any restraints. 

The zipper that allows to open and close the EMI cat bed is sewn in in a way that it doesn’t cause any discomfort for the cat while they lounge - in the folded up version of the cat bed, the zipper is cleverly hidden on the backside and when the cat bed is unfolded, the zipper stays along the longest side of the cat bed - you can put against the wall or your sofa, so your cat won’t even notice it’s there!

The covers for the EMI cat bed are made with 100% cotton, which is a natural material that’s fully safe for cats, able to withstand some mechanical damage and soft to the touch, even after multiple washing cycles. The filling is synthetic fibers, praised for its hypoallergenic qualities - polyester doesn’t absorb dust and dirt, which is why the EMI cat bed is safe for people (and cats) struggling with allergies.

And what about colors? All the prints that are put on the pillow covers are made with paints that are certified to be safe for children. Because of that we are sure that our cat beds remain safe for cats, people and the environment. Here at myKotty, we believe that every detail matters.

EMI is a cat bed made with the environment in mind - to make it we use only the best materials, creating our projects with attention to details and quality. We want cat accessories to last with cats as long as possible, limiting the amount of used cat accessories that get thrown away into landfills.

The material for EMI cover is 100% cotton - a fully natural material that guarantees the bed to be soft, but durable. Even with regular washing and intensive use, EMI stays in good shape for a long time and always looks beautiful in a cat house. In the myKotty store, you can also find changeable cat bed covers that will help you keep the cat bed in its perfect shape even longer.

For the filling, we use an equally durable and easy to maintain, soft, synthetic fiber which works well in cat beds. The polyester filling guarantees the pillows keep their bounce, are resistant to creasing, rubbing and stretching and can be washed in washing machines - because of their longevity, we limited the amount of waste created and made sure you don’t need to frequently change your cat beds for new ones.

EMI didn’t meet your expectations? Don’t worry, fabCat - it’s not the end of the world. At myKotty, you have a guaranteed right to return the product within 100 days and, what’s important - with no unnecessary questions and complications. All the formalities are on our side, we’ll order a courier to pick it up and pay for the service. 

Take a look into our simple returns terms and conditions to know more or contact us via e-mail, phone or through our social media - we will help you, give advice and if necessary, return your cat bed or exchange it for a new one right away. 

Just like that, the CAT way!

IdoSell Trusted Reviews
5.00 / 5.00 9 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
To już kolejny raz, kiedy myKotty spisało się na medal! Cudowne drapaki, koty przeszczesliwe. Szybka wysyłka do Holandii i super kontakt ze sprzedającym. POLECAM!!!
Bardzo dobra jakosc drapaka, wytrzymuje kilka lat.